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Re: Next! DJS-24 Software

I found one of these new for $120 (USD)

The Boss, Yamaha, Akai and Korg equipment I knew about but didn't feel like
paying the extra dollars.  

I've never heard of the Redsound or Zoom, how do they compare?

Actually does anybody have a good list of how the low end samplers (under
$300-$400) compare against each other?


On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 00:55:07 +0200, Emmanuel PERILLE wrote:
>  Hi Jim,
>  btw I just wonder what are the reasons why you decided to purchase more 
>  DSJ-24 than any other competiting DJ sampler like ROLAND SP202/SP303,
>  SU200, KORG ES-1, ZOOM ST-224, AKAI S20 ... or even Redsound Cycloops or
>  DJRND2 ?
>  Really want to you,
>  Thanks,
>  Emmanuel

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