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Mac looper: Phrazer, Mixman or...?


My wife is starting to get into computer based looping.  We're going to
try and do a party soon, and I was wondering what would be the best
software for her to use.  She's Mac based (G3 400)  I've played with
Mixman and Phrazer a little.  Liked Phrazer's interface but need the
real-time aspect of Mixman.  I've also seen Groovemaker, but have never
had luck getting it to run.  Anything also out there that is worth
checking out?

Here are the requirements:

Mac OS 9.1
ability to tweak pitch (real time)
ability to tweak tempo (real time)
sample playback (obviously)
MIDI SYNCH (important, must keep up with Jamman and Repeater)

some type of soft synth function could be nice, but not necessary.