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Re: electric tuba tour rolls on

At 09:01 PM 10/10/01 EDT, Tom Heasley wrote:
>  Thought it might be worth mentioning that I'm open to offers/suggestions
>re: performances on the way home to Palo Alto, California (I'm near
>Syracuse, NY, tonight).

And if anyone's not able to catch Tom in performance as he heads back west,
I highly recommend checking out his CD 'where the earth meets the sky' on
Hypnos <http://www.hypnos.com/th.htm>...

I've been enjoying this disc for a couple of weeks now, and can say that
even if you don't think you'd find a tuba appealing, Mr. Heasley quite
effectively makes it so. Great ambient soundscape loopage with much more
than great low-end going on, recorded by Robert Rich. Ya gotta hear it.