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Re: usb wierdness...way OT

> in light of the mac inquiries today and talk of firewire and usb...
> i thought i would share this little anomaly.
> at work, i sit near a window on the ground level.  i have 4 mac g4's
> in my department.  occasionally, the landscape guys come by with
> their mowers, leafblowers, etc.
> every time, one of the guys comes down the path outside my window,
> with his leafblower.  This is a gas powered leafblower. and EVERY
> time he comes by, the two g4's that are nearest the window have their
> mice lock up.
> seriously.  all you have to do is unplug the mouse and plug it back
> into the keyboard and you're off and running again (which took me a
> while to figure out and stop doing hard reboots).  but it's the
> wierdest thing i've ever seen from a mac.
> ahhhhh!  watch out!  here comes the leafblower!
> any tech heads out there willing to venture a guess?

Perhaps a cheap experiment would be to buy the fellow a new spark plug,
gapped correctly.