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RE: Looper development and production costs?

I've already considered putting two boards in a 2U chassis, but there are
some quite high associated costs:-

All new metalwork drawings, prototyping etc,
All new packaging, with minimum order quantities to get a half-decent 

I do give very good discounts for customers who want to buy a pair for
stereo looping; but that's only limited to the few I've been selling 
I will be reporting all of these ideas to our big Boss-man when he comes
over from the US in a couple of weeks. I may be able to persuade the US
distribution to offer deals on pairs and I'll keep the list informed.

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Why couldn't you just take two of the EDP boards and put them into a 2U
chassis?  Or even sell them as stereo pairs at a discounted price?  


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> This is great stuff. I am totally serious about this as it is a very
> interesting subject.