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Re: usb wierdness...way OT

> It is the result of the blower's EM discharge- they have a magneto
> generating spark and it disrupts the signal- I had an old monitor that
> snap on and off at will and it would always cause my usb Wacom tablet to
> stop working until I reset it- That is my best guess- the mice you use 
> USB too-

Good suggestion!  Probably the culprit!

It could also be the static field produced by the leafblower.  After all, a
leafblower is much like a Wimhurst or Van Der Graaf static generator.

Experiment 1: hypothesis - If it is the magneto spark, then a similar 
such as a lawnmower will cause the same problem.

Experiment 2: hypothesis - If it is the static field, then an electric
leafblower will cause the same problem.

Experiment 3: Place two electroscopes by your mice.  (Those jars with the
suspended gold leaves and the rod sticking out the top.)  Charge one
positively and the other negatively.  See if the leaf blower discharges 

Experiment 4: Tell your boss you can't work under these conditions and go
home and loop.

Dennis Leas