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Re: Looper development and production costs?

If we're brainstorming, here's some thoughts...

Why design all custom hardware?  Why not use the Alesis ADAT model (i.e.,
their use of stock VCR tape transports) and use as much off-the-shelf
hardware as possible ?  (I realize Alesis is *probably* a bad example to
use...)  Use a commonly available PC motherboard but *don't* use the
"standard" software.  It boots only looper-ware.  Sure the motherboard
would have far too much hardware than you need but it might be cheaper in
production and certainly would not require as much R&D.  The problem with
looping on a stock PC is not the hardware so much as the non-real-time
(bloated) OS.

Some custom hardware would be probably required.  But probably not too 
You could probably get by with all off-the-shelf hardware except for the
user interface.  I'm just not sure if complete off-the-shelf hardware is
cost effective.  After all, it's the software that primarily makes a 
Excepting the user interface (like the EDP LED display) what is the
hardware?  ADC, DAC, MIDI interface, memory, processor, supply, and 
something like a NIC, USB, or SCSI.

Dennis Leas