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Re: stereo delay (Line 6 sync)

>Unless I understood wrong, the delays would midi synch, but not the loop
>functions.  Sad, but true.

Eric Williams said 09/13/01
>here's the skinny:
>- MIDI sync only available on non-loop-sampler programs
>- no sync on loop sampler (i'm assuming you could send CC messages with a
>sequencer, but i think that's just too much silliness)
>- no "dialing in" of delay time in looper mode
>- All delays stereo EXCEPT loop sampler
>- non-loop-sampler delays are a maximum of 2.5 seconds
>- looper functionality not better because it's "just for fun"
>- he also said they were not interested in this market (even though it 
>60-SECOND LOOP SAMPLER on the front panel)

One thing is to "sync" a delay time *once* to an incoming MIDI clock. 
Since the delay fades out quickly, you dont note that its running 
away rhythmically.
Another much more difficult task is to *keep* a loop synced to a MIDI 

>Doug Cox wrote:
>>  I remember the post that said that the (now shipping) Line 6 Echo Pro 
>>  not have MIDI sync capability...
>>  But when I go to the Line 6 website, and look at the feature list for 
>>  Echo Pro, I see that it DOES say it can sync to MIDI...
>>  "Complete MIDI controllability, including MIDI mapping and lock to MIDI
>>  clock"
>>  oProShips.htm
>>  Can someone reconcile these?  Is Line 6 fibbing on their website about 
>>  Echo Pro?  Is it only delay time on the traditional delays that can 
>lock to
>>  MIDI clock, or can the looper do it to?
>>  Doug
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>>  > >jammans, or use two of the new line 6 echo pros, or use two tc 
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>>  > no, you couldn't
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>>  > remember ...
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>>  > NO SYNC!!!
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