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Re: Looper development and production costs?

Kim said
>- In the niches of the musical instrument industry, I would consider 
>selling 1000 units in a year to be quite a big success for mid-range 
>rack mount stuff. Most things probably won't sell that well. 
>Sustaining that for several years is not likely. Your 2000 unit/year 
>number would be a smash hit, probably beyond the realistic size of 
>the looper market at this time. Maybe it will grow that big, but it 
>is not there now.

2000/year is what Gibson estimated when the EDP started. Now that 
looping is much more established, I think it could be more, no? It 
serves for any kind of musician, independent on instrument and style 
and it even makes sense to have several of them.
Of course, it depends a lot on price and marketing...

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