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RE: MIDIMAN Surface One

Alex Stahl (09:44 PM 10.11.2001) wrote:

 >On the other hand, the raw data from the fabric is almost like a
 >video image of the pressure across the entire surface. You get pressure
 >values from a grid of a hundred or so "taxels" upwards of 50 times a 

And... it's a BEAR to get under control with a microprocessor. The Surface 
One took a good bit of programming to corral.

The new Moog (Big Briar) Voyager synth has a Tactex surface on it as well. 
On that machine, the 3 outputs of the pad are available as individual 
modulation sources which can be routed to a number of different 
destinations on the machine.

 >Does the Thunder, which I believe uses FSR (force-sensitive resistor)
 >technology, offer XY position and pressure information from a single

As TomR said, it's X and pressure. The Tactex pad is the first (that I 
of) to allow three axis' of control.