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RE: What do you all think of xxx CD?

Morpheus ( www.musiccity.com <http://www.musiccity.com> ) is a good source
as well. Not that I would condone that sort of thing. Make sure you buy the
disc if you like what you hear.

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I believe what you're saying is, "I sure wish napster existed." 

I do to.  I bought a lot of cds I wouldn't have normally purchased after
hearing tracks on napster 



Matthias Grob wrote: 

Jeff Robert, full of good intentions, asks: 

What do you all think of the new Oysterhead CD?  There's loops on a 
of the tracks.

 I wonder... I suffer with such posts. Not that there is anything wrong 
it, its certainly helpfull to know about any loop manifestations in the
world, but its sometimes frustrating for me not to have access to it. So no
offense, Jeff, its certainly better than nothing!I could maybe order the CD
from Amazon, but its expensive, slow, and may turn into a next frustration
if I dont like the stuff or only one piece contains a loop... 1Could such
indications please be followed by some link so we can listen to it?Thus we
avoid the usual two mails: "what URL ?" and (often Richard Zvonar :-) "here
is the URL...".Please indicate also the most interesting part of the CD.The
same goes for "gig spam" 2In case the sound is not available on the net, is
there a possibility we could upload some examples of it to some server
without running into legal problems?I doubt the creators would be against
that, because its direct, free help for their distribution. To avoid a
public distribution, we could maybe give a password to the members of this
list, would that improve the legal situation? For me its much more helpful
to download 2 1-minute MP3 samples (or shorter, my line is slow) to get an
idea of what ideas are around than pile another CD I dont have time to
listen to...As for the subject, it would be more concrete, because the
poster could select the bit he likes most or some specific loop. Thus some
more specific communication could come up, we could discuss how a special
loop has been done or could be improved and such. Ok, not everyone can do
MP3, but since any poster has a computer and deals with sound, we might not
be far from this... we could set up a page that teaches how to create and
upload MP3 and link to some necessary free software... Somehow, the 
is well installed and informed about gear, but the sound exchange is still
limited/complicated/disperse, no? 

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