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Hi Richard,
Though you might be interested in this :-

Spontaneous generation in Mexico
Have you made any music based on insect sounds?  Spontaneous generation is 
project that will be presented on a concert of the first congress of "Old
Knowledge/Contemporary World" to be held in the city of Oaxaca Mexico on
December 5-7 2001. This concert will then be presented in other venues.
Tape-only compositions that deal with any kind of insect sounds are
Submission deadline for the Oaxaca concert is on November 10th (although
people can still send works after that for subsequent concerts). Interested
people can send their works with a short CV and one paragraph with the 
of the work presented and an email for contact. Only the people selected
will be informed by electronic mail not later than  November 25. Only DAT
44100 kHz and Burned CD's will be accepted. Please send your compositions
to: Manuel Rocha Iturbide / Heliotropo 156 / Col Barrio del niño Jesus / CP
04330 MÈxico DF MEXICO /Tel 56 59 59 94
Il dovere dei vivi e' quello di vivere e di cercare di migliorare la vita 
tutti - Roberto D'Autilia (The duty of the living is to live and to seek to
improve life for all)

Gareth, (from loopers delight)