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Re: OT instant relics

Tim Nelson wrote:

> At 12:59 AM 10/14/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >At 12:12 AM 10/14/2001, future perfect wrote:
> >>Or, drop it down a flight of stairs, call it a
> >>'Relic Echoplex' and charge 5 times as much.
> >the scary thing is, with guitars that actually works. Even more amazing,
> >raising the price actually causes you to sell MORE.
> I'm amazed nobody at Fender has applied the relic mindset to the amp
> re-issues; just think, part of some guy's job description would be to 
> the Tolex, poke holes in the speaker cloth and make beer rings on the 
> -t

heck tim,

they could just drop 'em off at my place any friday night. with my crew 
be vintage by monday morning...(latest casualty- twin reverb suffers broken
"on" bulb as my buddy walks into amp while talking on phone...so cool! and 
is it guitar & mike stands magically lose the ability to counter the 
of gravity whenever we play past 11pm? it took one of these guys about six
months of repeated prodding before the purpose of the "standby" switch on 
amps was finally understood and systematically implemented. do i need new
friends or what?)
lance g.