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Re: Looper development and production costs?

At 01:12 PM 10/13/2001, Doug Miller wrote:
>> Any $ put into design ALWAYS pays off big time on the bottom line.

>>If Gibson cares about selling EDPs, they'd get an industrial designer to 
>redesign the face plate.  Graphic designer to redo the logo.  Do any of 
>these things make the EDP a better product?  No, but extra sales would 
>sure influence someone into throwing cash at an EDP 2 project.

Kim replied...
> I guess it makes sense that a graphic designer would think so. I tend to 
>agree. but again, let's look at numbers to do such a project...  <snip>


I think a point might be made that taking care of these details *up front* 
in the design process could insure future growth and the returns of a 
larger user base *from the start* of the project. It's apparent that 
REDESIGN always heavily impacts management perception of any product and 
it's design team. It's very easy to lay blame on the design team. GWIZ was 
going through very tough times at that point, and everyone was pretty 
lucky to get *anything* out the door despite the incredible talent and 
drive of the people involved.

Not that I don't want to see future investments, improvements and s/w 
updates on the EDP... it's my #1 looping tool! At this point I'd vote for 
Loop 4 s/w first...

-Miko Biffle