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RE: Buying equipment based on looks

I've been reading this thread with the greatest interest. There may not be
many that actually buy equipment based on looks, but we definitely get
interested by cool looking units. But what is "cool"? Maybe I've got 
taste but to me the EDP looks really "cool". I guess mainly because the
design is somehow "un-cool". I mean, it really can't be sorted into any
certain decade - it's simply timeless. Ok, it could be something from the
early eighties just because the logo text says "Digital Pro", as if some
"magic words", more important to drop  than other words describing what the
unit actually does. Typical 80s that is ;D

But anyway, my point is that fashion in gear design changes all the time.
I'd vote for keeping the "cool ugliness" that makes it stand out in a rack!
And if you don't think it stands out in a rack, I can guarantee that you
will one year from now, or two,.. or three.... ;))


Per Boysen