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Re: Looper development and production costs?

yeah i'd been hoping that by now they would have come up w/ a better color
scheme for those damn guitar strings(why do they use that plain metal
color?)-and if they dont soon i'm gonna stop buyin 'em!!

(i concur w/ gilmore!)

on 10/16/01 3:09 PM, Gilmore at gilmore@skyline.corpse.net wrote:

> you guys have got to be kidding me.  I usually scuff up my gear to make 
> look MORE ghetto!  i like that the Echoplex looks like a specialty 
> made in someone's garage.  in fact i'd prefer that the lettering was
> hand-written, preferably with knobs that don't match each other.
> what is it with the "looks"?  are you guys all trying to be GQ DJ's like
> oakenfold or something?  be sure to get a skinny pleather tie and some
> imported shoes to go with your "phat looking gear"...and in the meantime,
> thank the gods above that someone is willing to make these neat devices
> for us.  regardless of what they look like.
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