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Re: Behringer Footcontroller

>According to Behringer support, it can send note off if the "running 
>is switched off in global setup.  But i haven't checked to see what other
>(undesirable) effect that might have.

the only disadvantage is that you spend a few more bytes, which 
certainly is not a problem for the few commands you send out of a 
the advantage is that its safer, since you only send out complete commands.

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>>  Behringer FCB 1010 midi controller
>>  Doesn't seem to do Note OFF
>>  so forget it for the EDP

if it sends NoteON with volume 0 instead, it works!

>  >
>>  Andy Butler
>>  But looks like you can select what the 2 footcontrollers will do from 
>>  footswiches.
>>  ...and keep an eye out, they say its software upgradable.


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