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from where can I get a good price on an echoplex?

Hi, I just joined the list and I'm hoping to buy a looper soon...
    I've been borrowing my friend's boomerang for a long time and I think
it's about time I bought my own device.
    I like the boomerang a lot, especially the super-easy layout for live
use and reverse leads...  But I don't really like the sound quality (not
just the sample rate, but also there's quite a bit of hiss in my friend's
rang), and I would love to be able to trigger loops from an external 
since my feet ain't that agile, and I bet I could figure out some unusual
interesting things to do triggering from MAX...
    anyway, I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions of a good place
to buy an echoplex from, since the EDP seems to take care of the concerns I
have with the rang.  Also, if anyone has either an echoplex or a boomerang
for sale, please email and let me know....
            Jeff Snyder