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re: New York Loopfest

Hey Gnu Yawk Loopers!

    I'd like to weigh in on the loop fest thingy.  I think it's important 
to have a name that will draw an audience.  If we can't get someone like 
Eliott Sharp or David Torn, maybe we should consider a venue other than 
the Knitting Factory.  They've taken a big hit by being closed for almost 
2 weeks, and they'd been struggling up until then, with many of the staff 
staying there "for the love".  They might not be in a position to take a 
chance if we can't guarantee a draw, at least in the main space.  The Old 
Office is an option, but if we were to do that, we might as well go 
straight to Tonic, who would probably be more receptive anyway.  

   Another option is to rent a loft space for a night and charge admission 
- DUMBO maybe?  My roomate is a video projection artist who loops in the 
visual spectrum.  Maybe we can expand the theme beyond audio, and make a 
REPETITION FEST, where we could have photo montage artwork on the walls, 
looped video on the ceilings, and looped music all around.

    Whatever we do, it seems the kickoff date has been pushed back a 
little bit, so everybody get practicing!  If we can really have everyone 
playing at their best, maybe we can be catalysts for an increased interest 
in looping;  by critics, by audiences, and (eventually) by audio 
manufacturers.  What I mean is, stop worrying about what your faceplate 
looks like, and start worrying about what YOU sound like.  Because if you 
can show people just how much creativity can come from one musician when 
hooked up to these devices, everyone's gonna want to get one, and once 
those flood gates are open, lookout!  This site is gonna need some motha' 
fuckin BANDWIDTH!  Now, lets go blow some minds.  


P.S.  Anyone who needs help (Tom!) can email me off list.  I won't be much 
help official contact-wise, but could definitely get the loft space thing 
together . . .