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Re: Oberheim GM-1000

A while ago I purchased its younger brother, GM-400.  I was
disappointed and returned it.  Too short delay (I think it's the same
in both versions, about 1.7 sec if I recollect correctly), no preamp.
I did not like the footcontroller either.  It has a custom designed
connector, which you have to screw on each time you connect/disconnect
(very impractical for gigging).  GM-1000 has a few more things in
comparison to GM-400, for the price it seems good, depending on what
you need.  If you don't have a preamp for your guitar, you need to add
that money to the price.  On the other hand, since it does not have
the preamp, it can be used in other settings too, besides guitar
routing.  I got Digitech 2120 instead, which has 10 seconds of delay,
Time Warp, and great preamp.


> Anybody check out the Oberheim GM-1000 guitar effects processor? It
seems to
> be a great unit for the price at musicyo.com.
> I'm especially interested in the stereo Tap Delay and Pitch Shifting
> functions (as used with bass)