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Re: OT design vs programming?

>  >     Photoshop still has the same features it did three years ago.
>  >     It wouldn't take you more than a day to learn what's changed.

what is this?  pick on designer week?  i'm not sure who wrote the 
above statement, but that is one of the most asinine things i've 
heard here in a long time.  yes, little difference between late 
4.0/early 5.0 to version 6...

yeah, to the home user sending shitty RGB jpegs of his kids to grandma.

Come on over to my place, where color fidelity is a must, and you 
show me how you can grasp the concept of ICC profiles across multiple 
clients, output devices and color spaces in one day and i'll be 
putting my kneepads on.

and that's just color.  type control has completely been updated and 
redesigned, as well as web control, adjustment layers, etc.  You 
think people bought the upgrades for the fun of it?

Photoshop is as big an iceberg as our 'easy to use' EDP.  It's a 
wonderful tool that people can use simply, but it runs very deep, and 
blowing that kindof smoke is incredibly disrespectful to people who 
have to keep up with it and put their money where their mouth is 

i guess that's why my clients have been calling me all the time for 
the last 3 years saying "how the hell do i do this?"

and to those same clients, i am often referred to as an 'expert', or 
a 'photoshop wizard'.  with the vast diversity and power of this 
program, i consider myself a pretty good hack.

disappointedly yours,


>  >     Quark has barely changed at all.

uh, huh...same here.  earn your paycheck doing this stuff, or give it 
a break, please?