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last word on "difficulty"

I'd say that "the violin is more difficult than the guitar"
and in fact that the guitar is an "easy" instrument.  When people
ask me about an easy instrument, I always direct them to the
guitar(*) -- I never direct them to the violin.

and here's why:

your average musically interested kid can pick up a guitar
and in a few days learn enough to be able to play a few tunes
and sing along without being too horrible.  in a few weeks
you could actually entertain your friends.

but it takes MONTHS to get past the horrible stage on a violin.

yet -- does that make Jimi Hendrix less of a musician than
some violinist?  emphatically, no!

and do I listen to more guitars than violins?  absolutely yes!


(* -- or drums -- another "easy" instrument that you can take
       to great heights of mastery!)

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