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Re: Looper development and production costs?

--- Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
> And the last thing your gonna do, is divert those
> people from the current 
> project in order to redo the graphics on the last
> one just because somebody 
> who isn't going to buy it anyway didn't care for the
> logo.
> kim

I totally agree with you Kim, Ive been reading this
thread and now I feel that it totally missed the point
of what it intented to be: an opportunity for people
who have used the EDP and people who are really
interested in buying one to share ideas on how to
REALLY improve the unit, the color of the unit?, the
font?..... are the people who are proposing that
really serious about it?, do they want the EDP become
a line6 - digitech alike product?, I want to buy an
EDP and I would love to see an improved stereo unit
but it never crosses my mind that it should have to be
cooler looking to make me decide to buy it, sure units
that look cool grab yor attention easily at the music
store but actually the units that Ive see with more
attention to the design or publicity have always been
the most disapointing to me, Line6 and Electrix more
I think that a stereo unit with the same functions
that it has now would be enough for me and I think
that would increase the sales, the option of having
special discount when buying 2 units is great too,
hope Gibson decides to make something about it now
that the new software will be released.

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