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Re: last word on "difficulty"

So, you're saying, the answer would be, they are all equally difficult to master, but if you're looking to play a song for the relatives this Thanksgiving, grab a guitar, not a violin.  In my case, people often seem to think the tuba is either more, or less, difficult than other instruments.  And again, if you want to play in the marching band this fall, it will probably be easier to get some oom-pahs going than the first trumpet part.  I would definitely qualify that sort of thing though and would never say that one thing is 'easier'.

Somehow I'm reminded of the comment by Carmen McCrae in one of the San Francisco dailies, which went something like this, "Singing is the hardest thing to do, for instance, while a singer struggles to sing in tune, all a trumpet player has to do is push the right buttons."  Probably ten years ago that I read that - still can't believe it.  I'd rather not encourage that type of thinking in any way....

Not in disagreement with Tom R. essentially, just my two cents (Canadian).