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Re: JaM-Man schematics....

Hi Maneco-
I actually have the complete service manuals for both the jamman and the 
vortex,  including the schematics. Lexicon gave them to me to put on 
Looper's Delight, but I've never had time to deal with all the scanning 
since they are only in hard copy and fairly long. Twice now people have 
volunteered to do this job for me and I made copies of the manuals and 
delivered it to them, and then they flaked out and disappeared. So these 
docs are still not available to people. (if any *reliable* people with 
scanning skills are interested in doing this project and bettering the 
world as a result, let me know.)

If you have some specific question to ask about them, let me know and 
I can help you out.


At 08:29 PM 10/18/2001, maneco tacuarembo wrote:

>does anyone have these?
>i've built a 12 bit delay,with 76 seconds,and i would like to know how to 
>improve it...
>now there´s a new rom,check bob sellon's page,looks like an incredible 
>machine now....
>i'd also like to have the vortex circuits,i'm interested in learning more 
>about it...
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