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Re: electric tuba tour rolls on

I thought I'd encourage any serious promoters on this list to take up
Tom Heasley's open-offer for concerts in the next few weeks on his
way back to California. I booked him here in Toronto last month and
the performance was VERY well appreciated by loopers and ambient
fans in this city. I've just uploaded a page of live performance photos
from that show where he played a beautiful solo set then improvised
with The Ambient Ping Orchestra. (7 ambient looping improvisers)
There's 2 more shots from Tom's solo set on tuba & digeridoo here:
Contact Tom at TomHeasley@aol.com
Scott M2
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Sent: Wednesday, 10 October, 2001 9:01 PM
Subject: electric tuba tour rolls on


I've heard rumors to the effect that comments have been posted to the list re: some of my recent concerts around the U.S. and Canada.  I just today subscribed from the aol address I've been using on tour.  Thought it might be worth mentioning that I'm open to offers/suggestions re: performances on the way home to Palo Alto, California (I'm near Syracuse, NY, tonight).

I keep thinking I'm done, and another offer comes up.  Looks like Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio sometime next week, and I've just been offered something in Minnesota the second week of November...


Tom Heasley