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Elec.Drum Kit Options

Title: Elec.Drum Kit Options
I have to agree with Robert...a Zendrum is definitely the way to go if your going to loop in your computer. I've been playing Zendrum since 94'...I used to play them at NAMM shows for the company. Now we just sell them off the internet. The touch and response from them is amazing.
Also check out the Roland Handsonic. I use them both...they are both incredible musical instruments yet they are very different from each other...The Zendrum is much more capable of melodic things and "Futureman" style drumming and percussion playing. It doesn't have sounds on board though....at least not yet.
The Handsonic on the other hand has great sounds layed out in presets that are really playable ...If you play hand drums at all you will love it. It has a limited sequencer on board but you can definitely create some great loops with it.
I use different sound sources with the Zendrum and loop with my EDP live and then let the Handsonic send midi out to the EDP. I'll be playing at next month's Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Nashville along with another percussionist who also is using an EDP.
 Finally ,if you really want to use sticks to input into your computer, the cheapest way to go in my opinion is to pick up a used DRUMKAT. You can get them for around $500-$600. That and a trigger kick and you're happening! V-DRUMs???? Great...but BIG BUCKS!   tr

Robert Deveaux <robert_deveaux@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 15:14:15 -0700 (PDT)
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Elec. Drum Kit Opinions?

I purchased a zendrum (I got it used for less
than 1/2 list price.) & I loved it so much that I
sold my acoustic kit.  I have used the zendrum to
control several sound sources (Alesis, Roland V
Drum, Roland JV-1080, etc.)
They are at:

--- Funkay <funkay@mindless.com> wrote:
> For a much cheaper (and in my opinion better)
> alternative, just get a computer midi sequencer
> and buy a drum module like the alesis dm5. If
> you're going to buy an electric set, you have
> to go by feel...and most of them have none. I
> know a drummer who ruined his wrists playing
> for years on only electric kits. If youre not
> going to play them for performance or anything
> like that, I would reccomend just getting some
> sort of trigger pad device that you can play
> without having to go in on a whole set. But
> again thats just my opinion, I hate playing
> lifeless drums. It takes a lot of the fun out
> of it. Good luck
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>   From: Om_Audio
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>   Subject: OT: Elec. Drum Kit Opinions?
>   Hi all-
>   I wanted to get some opinions on midi drum
> kits- preferably around $1000- there are so
> many from Roland alone I'm a bit lost- - I'm
> tired of drum machines and ready made loops and
> want to create my own drum and percussion loops
> (I used to play drums)- I plan on using my
> computer as the sound source- Thanks-
>   Cliff

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