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Outer Ear Festival of Sound & something els

Fellow loopers,

I just wanted to disseminate some info on new and unusual sound
explorations... performances and on radio in Chicago....
received from...

something else:
10 pm till 2 am- sundays
wluw 88.7fm and via shoutcast.com

something else will be broadcasting works from the second Outer Ear
Festival of Sound- please visit
for more information on the festival.

Community email addresses:
  List owner:   somethingelse-owner@onelist.com

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-- Eric Leonardson: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon

Upcoming Performances:

November 1, with Tatsuya Nakatani at splinter group Audio Studio, 450
N. Leavitt, Chicago. More info at http://www.zeggz.com/tat/

December 7-9 and 13-16, Plasticene's Volume XII at the Viaduct, Chicago