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Affordable Soundscapes

Just got a Boss Loop Station & Akai Headrush to attempt my own version of R. Fripp's Soundscapes.  I plan on getting one more of each as I'm doing this in stereo and want to attempt delay effects with separate channels.  I can't afford those damned expensive TC 2290s, so I figure this may be the best way.  The Akai can hold more than 20 seconds, but can I get the Boss to pick up extra time without using the tempo?  I'm looking for solid sound, no beats.  Was this a wise idea, or would four Akais have been better?  Let me know soon while I can still send something back!  I'm also open to other ideas.  I use a Fender Roland-ready Strat, Roland GR-33, stereo amp, and am expecting a Whammy & TC G-Major shortly, as I can't afford the damned G-Force.  But I'm building (will add a Korg MS 2000R to differentiate sound - no need to copy everything!)