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Re:Best effects processor.

Synth Sounds?
the Warp9 filter (from MAM) will make your guitar sound like a synth.
Especially if you use distortion between the Guitar and Warp9
(though the warp9 is a line level device, so might not be so good with a 
guitar plugged straight into it.)

Generally though, you're perhaps looking at filtering the distorted sound 
some way, have you tried fuzz before wah? (not the standard order)

maybe just an autowah?

Well if you can give a more detailed explanation of what you want, perhaps 
it'll be easier for people to help.

the digitech space station has been discussed on the list before, you 
like to check the archives, (if Kim's fixed 'em)
what put me off is that it's only got presets, and you can't edit the 
(the pedal does various stuff though)

andy butler