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Re: Rocktron Midi Mate Controller Pedal

i got the manual in pdf ... you want it ?
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Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 3:04 AM
Subject: Re: Rocktron Midi Mate Controller Pedal

At 09:09 PM 10/22/2001, phil wrote:
>anyone know this guy? opinions?

I used to have one many years ago when they were black and red (vs the
current black and white color scheme).  Very sturdy and compact pedal
board.  I replaced mine with a PMC10 - miss the large patch name LEDs and
the peace of mind that the heft of the board gave me, but as far as
programmability is concerned the PMC10 is the hands down winner.

>are the claims about 6
>program changes per button on 6 different channels correct?

I believe the old ones had 9 changes on 9 different channels per patch (at
the expense of most of the control changes that are available on the
current model).

>does the volume pedal function really work?

It did on the old model.