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Re: OT: Deep Rack Bags

on 10/23/01 5:47 PM, Tim Goodwin at deepbass6@earthlink.net wrote:

> Sorry to bother you folks with an OT question.  I'm hoping that someone 
> can help me.  I'm looking for a 4 or 5 space rack bag to hold some of my
> gear.  It needs to have at least 17" of internal depth, preferably 18" (I
> have a Stewart power amp).  I have been searching for over a week with no
> luck.  Is there a rack bag in production that meets these specs?  Help me
> Obi Won...
> --
> Tim
Rack bag?  Probably the reason you're not finding one in a four or five
space is because it's probably not as sturdy as it needs to be, I would
think.  I found that SKB racks are pretty good, and not very expensive.