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Re: Best fx processor for 'sythy' sounds

The ZOOM 1201 processer (now, officially out of print, I believe) has more
wierd bang for the buck than any multi-processer I know of.
No leds. No midi, but bank C is seriously twisted!!

It has lo-fi, noise, ring modulator, a working vocoder (!) and much much
It is very, very lo tech and only cost $149 brand new.

Check it out.  I'm sure you can find one used somewhere or at digi-bid or
e-bay.  The a and b banks are typical reverb, modulation effects that are
nothing to write home about, so any guitarist who bought this,soon, wanted
to unload it, I'm sure.

It also has the ungliest front panel graphics in history so what I did it
make a template, get some of that shiny, holographic, techno paper and
covered it up.     Now I don't know what bank is what, so it has become my
mystery "wierder-outer".   I actually love not knowing what will come out 
it:   It is very 'oblique strategies' in this respect ;-)

yours, Rick Walker (loop.pool)