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RE: Golia/Fields/Makihara

Title: RE: Golia/Fields/Makihara

that would probably be me as i've played with vinny many times over the last two decades or so and have two cds out of a trio of he, me and billy mintz.

vinny's a monster woodwind player . . . squonky , i don't know if i'd call him that. is definitely a post-trane kinda guy who has absorbed a lot of new music. prodigious technique  . . .

scott fields . . . favors a pretty dry sound for my ears. i've also seen him crank it. not my fave guitar player.

makihara i know nothing about. i think i once did a search on the 'net for him . . .  a search like that might be useful for you.

i think they're all fairly well known in the field. should be worthwhile hearing, i would imagine. about you girlfriend's ears . . . dunno how that'll play out.

not sure this helps.


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I seem to recall someone here mentioning Vinny Golia.  Well, he's playing
soon here in  the ATL with Scott Fields & Toshi Makihara.  I plan to go to
the show, but have heard no music by any of them.  Can anyone give me some
insight?  Is the show liable to be tolerable for those not totally enamored
of squonkiness (ie my girlfriend)?