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Re: Golia/Fields/Makihara

I know there are other Philly Musicians-loopers on LD who can chime in 
and offer up perhaps many better examples than me which attest to the 
greatness of Toshi Makahara...but i gotta say in all sincerity that Toshi 
Makahara is "all that" & lots more,

Toshi Makahara is from Japan but a Philly Luminary-Treasure who has worked 
with John Zorn, Jack Wright and Charles Cohen plus many, many others 
others ( 
including wally shoup, bob rhainey (sp) ) in areas of free jazz and 
improvised music for many years.

Toshi is probably IMHO one of thee most amazing free - avant garde 
percussionist-drummers i've ever seen play music.

& i'll never forget him attaching somethin akin to a cannon ball on a 
flexi-pole to his butt as he thumped out a rhythm and did a dance which I 
have never in all my life ever witnessed.

Toshi then proceeded to reuturn to playing a drum kit with somthing 
resembling common kitchen utencils or opther devices which were unknown 
with having drums and objects i had never witnessed before or even 
percussive objects.

His sense of space, timing, texture, vitality and humor in addition to his 
more than serious devotion to and commitment to free music is both clear, 
enagaing, positive and a delight to watch and hear unfold in a live 

Toshi also has done some straight ahead jazz stuff too & has some key 
releases out there too.

but I also cant really find many web references to his stuff but i can 
definitely tell you no matter what he is gonna do it will definitely be 
anyones time and listening abilites as that Toshi's performances have 
been splendid and rewarding to me and everyone else in the audience.

So Go See Toshi and see for yourself. 

But KNOW You are in for a treat!

Warm Regards,
John Price/AKASH
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"