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Re: back lubing echo

I used the Maestro Echoplex solid state EP 3 models and I always bought 
they call
back lubed tape - it looks like some sort of graphite coloured lubricant on
the back of the tape and the munching days are all gone.
Pity the noise, nightmares cutting/splicing tape,  no parts or service 
as easy to get rid of,as well as patching up the crappy box they came in.
I bought it from an importer actually the Eventide importer in Sydney
perhaps there is a local tape supplier near you?
I think you deserve a medal for using a tape echo these days, I dont know 
you use one and have 2 spares?
I would like a reissue Echoplex but at about $1000+ US noone will buy one 
Australia and I dont even know if there is a dealer here.
We occasionally see those old Roland RE 201, RE 301, 501 and that big ugly
555 rack thing at the most disgusting outragous ripoff prices.
Actually I went to the music shop when I first read about the Oberheim
Echoplex still horrified someone actually called a digital box an Echoplex
and nobody was excited about it, so I have never ever seen one in 
Regards to everyone

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> > I have been having a binding problem with the loops on my Roland 
> >   I make up my own loops using 6xx Quantegy Mastering .25" tape,
> >  everything was fine until recently. I use 3 of these type delays and
> >  this one has an intermittent binding thing where it just stops, can't
> >  tell what causes it.
> How old is the tape?
> Some tapes degrade and get "sticky".