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RE: re derek bailey in l.a.

Title: RE: re derek bailey in l.a.
At 3:19 AM -0500 10/26/01, Eric Leonardson wrote:
Derek's gig with Casy Rice here in Chicago this weekend received a big write-up in the Music Section of the Chicago Reader: http://www.chireader.com/hitsville/011026.html

At 12:41 PM -0400 10/26/01, Liebig, Steuart A. wrote:
interesting - - how could he be too sick to fly to l.a., but be in chicago for the same time period/tour? the cancellation had been advertised some 7 days or more ago . . .

The writeup is mostly about video artist Casey Rice. It starts with a mention of a gig he did last spring with Derek Bailey and it ends with a mention of the upcomeing November 1st gig, now cancelled.

Bailey was also supposed to do a gig with George Lewis in San Diego last Saturday night. San Diego's loss turned out to be my gain - I got to have dinner with George in Newport Beach that night.

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