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Re: Hello my name is Kid Lucky I am new to Loopers Delight

Kid Lucky wrote:

>Hi my name is Kid Lucky I am a vocalist and I do a lot of a 
>cappella. I have worked with Tom Ritchford on Volectrix which was 
>all voice hooked up to loopers and other electronic effects. Tom 
>opened me up although I had sed electronics on my vocals before to a 
>new way of using electronica in acappella.  we had a falling out for 
>a while bt we still talk and we plan to get together soon for a 
>volectrix reunion. but he introdced me to soma amazing cats like 
>David Linton and Christina Wheeler and all of Unity Gain. After that 
>I changed my style of play and began buying some gear. First I 
>purchased a line sixx delay modulator and then a digitech 2000 and a 
>mixer. With a new viion I have started pushing a cappella into a new 
>era of electronica. Michael Winslow is another a cappella artist 
>that has pushed it as well - voice and electronics.  I love the Line 
>six, but I love the head rush better (Tom Can I buy yours?) Anyway I 
>have a s! how coming up that my crew The Young Vant Garde is hosting 
>at the Nuyoricans Poet cafe. The info is after this little 
>introduction.  I hope anyone in The New York area on this list will 
>come by and check it out. I am new to this list but love the 
>discussions already. I look forward to hearing others play. I also 
>would like to hook up with other loopers and and link up for 
>performances and recordings. Also any vocalists out there who wold 
>like to hook up please e-mail me anytime at 
><mailto:kid_lucky@hotmail.com>kid_lucky@hotmail.com  Peace,

I ain't sure about selling the headrush, let's see how this Repeater 
goes first!

To add a little more information, here's the Volelctrix CD
http://volectrix.com/cd/alfa_omego/high  -- high quality
http://volectrix.com/cd/alfa_omego/low  -- lower quality

The NYC looper's show might also be the Volectrix re-union!?!
I'll be sending an update to that later this afternoon.


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