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RE: Re:Best effects processor. (Sync)

Say what?? I thought the EDP got clock at the beginning and that was it- 
are sure it stays "actively" synced? And the ol JamMan too?


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>repeater does this.
>i synched mine to my edp and left it running for hours.
>it continuously (repeatedly?) matches it's start point to midi clock...

thats right, JamMan, Repeater and EDP do this, now I wonder about 

>>  No, thats not what synchronization means. A possible test for sync:
>>  Copy a loop that runs on the Repeater to the Eclipse and then leave
>>  them both running over night and listen in the morning whether the
>>  two sounds still coincide!
>  > To keep the same speed is intersting, to stay in phase is much
>more difficult.


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