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RE: OT: Korg Electribe S- Odd Time sigs?

I went to GC and did some research- the MPC-200o of course- but also the
Yamaha RS-7000 and the Yamaha RM1x both do odd signatures as well- the
RS-7000 is like $1,300 and the RM1x is like $650- so I bought a Korg ES-1
off Ebay for $250 anyway! :)

The good thing is that in pondering all this I realized I can use my shitty
DR-5 as a midi sequencer and use NI Battery for all the sounds! It doesen't
really help me for live performance- but a good thing anyway- so I may look
further into the Yamaha units in the future- Thanks for the help loopers-


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Probably the Roland 505.  I know the MC-307 will do anything, but it's
not sample based.


On Saturday, October 27, 2001, at 09:16 AM, Tom Ritchford wrote:

>> Anyone here know if this will do odd time sigs? I'm looking for a
>> sample
>> based rhythm machine that does- Thanks- Cliff
> Well, I don't have that but I have the other two Electribe units
> and they do 3 and 4 and that's it.
> The Korg site is useless but doesn't promise anything more
> than that.
> In general, few if any of these rhythm machines do anything other
> than 3 and 4.  Very disappointing in my book!
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