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Re: Copyright (slightly off-topic)

i'm assuming u.s.a. only...

as far as recordings, harry fox agency has been set up to negotiate 
mechanical royalties (recording your own version of a song) or use in 
video, film etc.

i think the statutory royalty (set by congress) is $0.0755 per copy.
so if you distribute 1000 copies of your recording with 1 cover on it, you 
pay $75.50

for live, usually the venue has to arrange licensing from the three 
performance rights organizations.
ascap - http://www.ascap.com/
bmi - http://bmi.com/home.asp
sesac - http://www.sesac.com/

>     hey all,
>     this is a question that has wandered through my mind many times and I
> have never looked up a definitive answer.
>      legally, does an artist have to obtain permission to cover another
> artist's song, whether live or on an album?  What other legalities are 
> surrounding this issue?  Are there any online sources where I can look up
> this sort of info?
>     thanks a bunch,
>     mike
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