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Re: Re:Best effects processor. (Sync)

>But why is it that a drum machine synced to a loop of same drum machine
>isn't dead on?  Seems better when the looper is the master (with the
>repeater i also get artifacts when the drum machine is the master), but 
>patterns don't ever coincide perfectly...

I dont have a Repeater to test this, and I wonder. Some say its syncs 
dead on, Mark said the drums was perfect but the EDP was off... I 
dont know, and I wonder... probably depends strongly on the OS 
I just know that a slaved drum follows the EDP pretty exactly.
All three units have some artefacts when they are slaved (I wrote a 
longer mail about the limitations of MIDI to drive audio correctly). 
As I heard the JamMan clicks are stronger than the EDP clicks and 
Repeater probably does not produce clicks but other artefacts that 
come from time stretching, which hardly can be "dead on"...

>  > >repeater does this.
>>  >i synched mine to my edp and left it running for hours.
>>  >it continuously (repeatedly?) matches it's start point to midi 
>>  thats right, JamMan, Repeater and EDP do this, now I wonder about
>>  >
>>  >>
>>  >>  No, thats not what synchronization means. A possible test for sync:
>>  >>  Copy a loop that runs on the Repeater to the Eclipse and then leave
>>  >>  them both running over night and listen in the morning whether the
>>  >>  two sounds still coincide!
>>  >  > To keep the same speed is intersting, to stay in phase is much
>>  >more difficult.
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