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Re: OT: Sound Module Opinions

Thanks Pete- my friend who manages a GC in AZ said to consider the Triton
Rack actually- he said it samples and does tons more- he said the 5080 only
plays back samples and cannot sample itself- but the 5080 and Triton are in
the $1200-$1500 range- I can get a 2080 for prob less than $700- so it
becomes an issue to sample or not to sample- but I like the idea of a sound
module only- Thanks again- Cliff
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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 4:57 PM
Subject: Re: OT: Sound Module Opinions

> Hey Cliff,
> I've got a 1080 and I dig it. For the cost its sounds+features are very
> for any studio or rig, not too mention hard to beat.  My only big peeve
> my unit is that there seems to be a big difference in output between
> patches, which can be a pain but is only a little annoying. I would say
> very soon after purchasing it I wished that I had spent the extra cash 
> the 2080 though. The better interface is reason enough, but I guarantee
> that (if you are anything like me) four expansion board slots will no be
> enough for you. Both these units can be found for a song right now, so I
> would say go for the 2080. It can't be anywhere near as much more as it
> when I bought my 1080.
> I can't comment on whether the 5080 is worth the extra greenbacks. I'm 
> sure what the current price diff is.Sampler support is nice to have and
> instore listenings it does sound a little nicer. The XVs do use a
> expansion board format than the JVs, which is a bit more expensive and 
> not sure if there are as many available. Might be something that you want
> investigate before deciding.
> -pete
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> >Subject: OT: Sound Module Opinions
> >Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 14:14:02 -0800
> >
> >I am looking to buy a JV-1080, 2080, or reluctantly something in an even
> >higher price range- I am just looking for some user's opinions as to
> >limitations or concerns with these- I like the 1080 for it's reasonable
> >cost- 2080 has nicer interface,  but the xv-5080 is especially nice as 
> >samples and Akai import support via scsi (much more expensive though)-
> >would it be better to just get an older sampler of some sort?  Thanks-
> >
> >Cliff
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