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Re: Hypercartiod microphones (+ Tabla content)

is this a good mic for sampling in general? i've been collecting junk to
make acoustic instruments out of and all i have is an sm57 so i've been
putting it off. i really want to do some pieces with my tibetan singing 
vs found "gongs" and other objects. i've been in the mood to switch gears
from circuit-bending as a sound souce back to scavenging for overlooked
acoustic sources. any tips in the general direction would be very cool. i
mean i'd LOVE a pair of akg 414s but who has that kind of cash laying
around? c1000s are more in my price range so if they're what i'm after
that'd be great!


> > I absoltuley love my AKG C1000S, condenser microphone.
> this is a fantastic mic for tablas.  Swapan Chaudhuri brought his to a 
> mixed for him and i was knocked out.
> m.c.