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RE: Hypercartiod microphones (+ Tabla/C1000 content)


Yeah, i didn;t like the C1000S at first, but it is has grown on me, for its
versatility, cheap price (~$150 at guitar center & sam ash), full-range (20
- 20K Hz), and fairly decent detail, at least compared to most dynamic mics
in the same price range.

I've also done sound for Swapan Chaudauri, a few times over the past
several years.  A few years ago, he showed up with a C1000S...we had been
using an SM57, which sounded OK in this somewhat-boomy venue (chapel, cross
shaped w/dome overhead).  We used the C1000S, and he liked it, but i
didn't... i thought it lacked the treble peak of the SM57, which we needed
to cut through this boomy venue. (... i didn't even like the Senn. 441, as
much in this venue -- the detail was lost, and those SM57's just cut

Anways, the next time he came, he brought an akg C3000.  This was in a
different venue, a rectangular shaped room.  Here the C3000 sounded pretty
nice, very full, with good detail.  I didn't A/B any other mics here,

Finally, the last show I did for Mr. Chaudhuri, (last fall) was at a
smaller chapel, with a rectangular room that had good projection from the
stage area.  Most of the seats here had a good direct sound with minimal
refelctions off the walls.  This was a sarod/tabla show..we had some time
before the show, so we decided to test various microhphones.  The sarod
player (Amjad Khan, I think) went back and forth between a Senn. 441 and a
C1000S, and they both sounded good.  He finally decided on the C1000S.

Then, Mr. Chadhuri tested mics, starting with the SM57.  It sounded punchy
and bright, but without a lot of detail, and lacked the low bass.  Then, he
tried a C1000S.  It sounded better, had more detail, more bass, and a
pretty flat reponse.  Then, we went to the Senn. 441.  And by far, this
sounded better.  It seemed to have a little more detail, and had a "fuller"
tone..the C1000S seemed a but thinner.  Mr. Chaudhuri agreed and went with
the 441.


So, I'd say the C1000S is a pretty versatile mic -- can be used for drums,
stringed than any other condensor mic i have used instruments, and i also
like it for vocals.   It has more feedback rejection (almost as good as a
dynamic), and has more detail than any dynamic mic in this price range.
And while it may not have the detail and fullness of Senn. 441, it is about
a quarter of the price. and Jon- i think they would be great for
sampling....very versatile!

- Chris

>> I absoltuley love my AKG C1000S, condenser microphone.
>this is a fantastic mic for tablas.  Swapan Chaudhuri brought his to a 
>gig i
>mixed for him and i was knocked out.

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