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Re: Expectations, artifice, and a hell of a can of worms

yeah that whole AB routine about his looping w/ <EH16sec.ddl> is on that
video he made long ago and still available:"adrian belew electronic guitar"
on DCI music video inc.fwiw-

>>>> addition of whatall might be construed as a 'lecture'.....
> Like Miko, I'd have to side with DT and Frank Gerace on that one, 
> I can think of two specific exceptions: 1) I saw Adrian Belew right after
> he got his first EH-16 (early 80's 'Twang Bar King' tour), and he was so
> enthused about the thing, he gave an impromptu demonstration of what it
> could do, overtly building and reversing a loop, and then incorporating 
> into the next tune.
>> ..... and i just finished my second dbl-espresso of the day.....
> Mmmm!
> -t-