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Re: Boomerang + Version 2.a3 phrase sampler NEW ****** $350.00*******NEW NE...

In a message dated 12/31/2001 5:01:24 PM Central Standard Time, kili@swbell.net writes:

amen to that!  I have two that I use and find that for my playing (out as matter of
fact) it works better not to mess with MIDI.  I run guitar and and ADG 10 string
tapping guitar through a Roland GR-33, and loop via an effects send on my board.
Perhaps in a different setting with different instrumentation I would use a rack
mounted midi-synced something but for me, simple is better.  (I save loops in my

I'm only curious, do you use both at the same time?

If so how do you keep the two loops from getting away from each other?

Gregory Bruce Campbell