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Re: Am I good enough for my looper?

Thanks on that one. Full connection on the concept!
Don't even have a Repeater yet, but been struggling with the same concept
after having had my first nice piano in awhile: okay, I have the thing i
said would free me, now whom is my oppressor?.

The same can apply to a  relationship, okay so here's this great woman(or
whatever the case may be for a person) and now will I stretch myself how 
toward the ideal that shone like a grail-shaped beacon:):):) for so long? 
will I slip into my own self-destructive or limiting patterns?

Self as our own worst enemy: possibly the greatest loop/truckload of 
in existence. 

Damn, writing this message is becoming an excuse not to go running and 
my day, better fade the loop.


P.S. I'm confident that our only real limitations are self imposed.

on 1/25/02 11:50 AM, Graham, Lindsay at lgraham@post.cis.smu.edu wrote:

> Exactly.  My problem is a lack of vocabulary.  I feel as if I'm saying
> "like" and "dude" far too often in the company of Churchill or Eliot.  
> Repeater put me at the same table as greatness.  I need to find the 
> to retain my seat.  Otherwise, I should just go back to the DL4 kiddy 
> (not to malign the many fabulous DL4 users-I have two, remember).
> I realize it's a matter of growth and discovery.  But I needed to express
> the profound sadness I felt when I finally realized, "well, sh*t, now 
> actually got to do something fantastic.  The repeater just removed all 
> roadblocks."  It's scary to face your own limitations and find you have
> nothing to blame it on (like, "if I only had the Againinator, I would be
> awesome.")  I know many of you have already made this realization, the 
> resulting in self-reliance, but, man, getting through that first step is
> heartbreaking.