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Re: eventide general question

on an Orville or DSP7500 you have 4m20sec delay/sampling time.
On a DSP7000 86 sec. delay, NO sampling.
In all 3 units you can PRE & POST process loops.
Algorithms can be freely built by the user, thanks to an open 
programming platform.
For instance, Orville is a 2 dsp unit, equivalent to a dsp7000 + a 
dsp7500; on it you can program big patches with internal preamp, 
looping, reverse looping, sampling, real time editing of samples, 
harmonizing, verbs, eq, chorus/delay/flanger/phasepanning, synths. etc. 
Many more "outside" fx are possible on the machines. Eventide freeware 
VSIGFILE for a windows pc allows the user to build patches and save 
them; even send/get them on the internet as mail attachments.
Orville is an audio QUAD unit, w/8 ins-8 outs, half of them analog, 
half digital. Routing allows "anything to anything" connections.
The units are 24bit/up to 96KHz sampling. Real time Midi control works 
Anybody willing to know more on these superior platforms can download 
manuals at:
and even download VSIGFILE Editor and an ORVILLE or DSP7000/7500 
database to try the system out on his/her computer.
Get it at:
every sound designer, looper, experimenter should seriously consider an 
Eventide UltraHarmonizer from DSP7000/7500 series, ORVILLE or ECLIPSE.
Orville is still unsurpassed in its quality, versatility and features.
It's the most powerful hardware FX processor on the market today.
More info is available from "Eventide Helps" at:

best regards
Italo De Angelis

> speaking of eventides. when you do sample or loop on the unit can you 
> process the sample within the unit. ie pitch shift, verb etc
> thanks