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Reverb: Bang for Buck (Was: Percussive Loopers)

OK, so the gamut goes (limited to devices concentrating on reverb):

$199    Lexicon MPX100
$269    Roland SRV3030D
$299    Lexicon MPX200
$349    t.c. electronic M-One
$399    Yamaha REV500
$399    Lexicon MPX500
$699    Lexicon MPX1
$749    t.c. electronic M2000

Too expensive:
Lexicon PCM-91
t.c. electronic M3000

Many others I'm sure I've not listed.

I'm really in the market for a decent reverb.  Well, perhaps not in the
market.  I *need* one, but I don't necessarily want to buy one.  But what
are you going to do?  I've got an MPX-100 that I just don't like.  Plus,
there's the on-board effects from my Yamaha 01V, supposedly comparable to
the REV500, but still, I don't really, really enjoy them, either.  I'd
really like to spend less than $400, but could increase if the body of
evidence points solidly in that direction.  

Any opinions from the lurking gear hoarders present?  This is basically the
same question as asked below, with only minor revision towards specificity.

Lindsay Graham
sonic detritus:
left of eliot

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Lexicon LXP 15

At 03:54 PM 2/1/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Finally a guy with more edrum stuff than me!
>I've been having a problem with my MPX100 and TD10.  I have it connected
>to an effects send on my Mackie.  When I add reverb to the TD10 channel,
>there's a noticeable phase cancellation in the snare drum freqs.  It's
>really annoying and happens even if the MPX100 is set to 100% dry.  I
>don't think it's how I have things wired since I used to use a midiverb
>in the same manner with no problems.
>And if I connect the TD10 directly through the Lexicon, it sounds great
>however there's a slight latency that's really distracting.  I'll start
>playing a beat and find myself actually slowing down.  I guess there's
>just a weird delay with the outputs of the MPX100.  
>I'd love to find a good under $400 reverb to replace the MPX100.  Any